Uluwatu temple

The elements of history and have beautifull landscape, named Pura Uluwatu. Pura Uluwatu is located on the southern peninsula of Bali, in the village of Pecatu, District of South Kuta, Badung regency, some 25 km south of Denpasar, Bali. Uluwatu temple was built on the edge of the cliff above the coral reef, roughly about 80 feet above sea level. Uluwatu's name is derived from the word 'Ulu' which means 'head' and 'Watu' means stone. Therefore Uluwatu Temple mean built at the end of the reef. Around the temple there is a small forest that is often called 'Alas Kekeran' (ban forests) that are part of the temple and was inhabited by many monkeys and other animals.
pura uluwatu

Uluwatu, which is located at the southern tip of Bali island and towards the Indian Ocean, is a charming tourist attractions, and famous for its beautiful sunset. This temple is perched on the edge like a very high cliffs and steep, with a view of the sea under a blue net and hit the waves that produces white bubbles are very beautiful. Views of Pura Uluwatu is truly a very exotic and romantic feelings that can be thrilling and when visiting this site, I'm sure you want to come back here. This temple is also known for the right below it is often used Pecatu beach for surfing, even international events often held on the beach Pecatu.

In the temple every day Kecak dance performances are held against the background of a beautiful sunset, with accompaniment by a group of male dancers who numbered about 50 people. But you should be aware of the monkeys around the temple complex. The monkey is sometimes like meddling by taking all kinds of things that brought visitors. Goods that they are often the target of sunglasses, handbags, purses or anything that easily captured. For additional information, that the monkeys are attracted to shiny objects.

Besides its natural beauty is captivating, Pura Uluwatu also contains a lot of historical value. Pura Uluwatu serves as a place to worship god Rudra and is believed by Hindus as a buffer from winds or 9 is called 'Sad Kahyangan' temple. This temple is one of six 'Sad Kahyangan' temple in Bali. Mpu Kuturan, a Hindu priest from Java, founded this temple in the 10th century. In the 15th-century Pastor Nirartha or Danghyang Dwijendra, chose Uluwatu temple as the last place in the world, history records that Nirartha achieve moksa (union with God) while meditating at Uluwatu. Legend also says to that Nirartha was the architect of the beautiful temples, as well as many other major temples in Bali, Lombok, and Sumbawa. Behind the main Meru (pagoda) at Pura Uluwatu, there is a limestone statue embodiment Brahmins who regard the Indian Ocean, said the statue is the embodiment of 'Nirartha'. Inside the temple complexes are believed to be a boat belonging Nirartha when traveling from Java.

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