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Nusa Ceningan Islands which are located 20 km away from Bali to the south-east coast consist of three islands named as Nusa Penida Island, Nusa Lembongan Island and Nusa Ceningan Island. Compared to the other two islands, Nusa Ceningan Island is the smallest one. Going to Nusa Ceningan Island can be traveled by using a boat departed from Sanur, or if you are already in Nusa Lembongan Island, you can just use the bridge that is connecting these two islands.

Similar to the other two islands, Nusa Ceningan Island’s climate is also dry and hot. The problem faced by the locals is also the same, which is always about the water supply. However, the nature of Nusa Ceningan Island is a spectacular one. Since the Nusa Ceningan Island is not a big island, you can explore every inch of this spectacular beauty within a short period of time. To heat up your day in Nusa Ceningan Island, you can start your journey from the eastern part of the island where you will find an amazing coral reef. In this location, you can spoil yourself by swimming, surfing and also snorkeling. This is a perfect place to enjoy the clear water and to see a great variety of underworld creatures, such as the corals and fish.

What to do in Nusa Ceningan Island
After you have enjoyed your time in the eastern part of Nusa Ceningan Island, you can continue your adventure to the southern part of the island, where you will find the Bakung Temple. In this old temple, you will be able to see the cockfighting which is the trademark of the Bakung Temple. And then, late in the evening, or during the sunset time, you need to go to the western part of Nusa Ceningan Island. In this part of the island, you will see the cave of the nesting swallows. During the sunset is a perfect time to see these swallows darting out and in to the cave. If you love surfing, then you need to head to the southwest coast of Nusa Ceningan Island, where the waves are perfect for surfing.
To many of beautiful places to visit in Nusa Ceningan Island, the most unique attraction will be the underworld life. You may not find too many octopi at the underworld of Nusa Ceningan Island’s sea, but you will find lots of seaweed farming all around the island. If you want to have a different adventure, you can rent a small canoe exploring the seaweed plantation in very clear water beneath.

Families with children will not lack choice here, filled with the typical Start-type resort, mechanical water sports are available, including jet-skiing, para-sailing, wake-boarding and banana boat. Those who care little about the environment may prefer sea kayaking. Your hotel will be able to help with booking one of these activities. Or, just go to the beach either in the Gulf of mushroom or stone mountain spur, and seeking a way out for yourself.
This is an excellent island for visitors, for walk away and explore the various tracks that criss-cross the Nusa Ceningan island.

Good snorkeling is available near the beach in various places around Nusa Ceningan island. Perhaps the two best areas Mushroom Bay on the west coast, and mangroves at the northern end.
If you like to get more for off-shore, dive shop can sell you space on a snorkeling submarine is scheduled, depending on availability. Also, a local boatman willing to take you by boat to a variety of snorkeling. A place of fun snorkeling only be reached by boat along the coast of Nusa Penida, Crystal Bay with a particularly helpful. There are currents along this coast. Boatman will drop you at the beginning of this time, and you can drift with the currents while snorkeling along the drop off the wall with loads of beautiful coral and fish. Boatman will follow you and pick you up at the end of the day.

Nusa Ceningan first opened as a tourist destination by surfers, and has long been a part of a series of surfing in Bali. So many water activities, surfing and scuba diving’s most famous.
There are three main breaks, all off the top half of the west coast, with another less well known just to the southwest off Nusa Ceningan. Playgrounds, Lacerations and Shipwrecks are all close offshore and reached via an energetic paddle from the beach, or in a more leisurely fashion, by a local boat (perahu) which can be chartered from the nearest beach. Whilst the breaks usually suit intermediate to experienced surfers given they all break over coral reefs, the aptly named Playgrounds is a little more forgiving and can be enjoyed by beginners and experts alike. All the surf breaks become extremely crowded during the dry season
Although surfable all year round, waves are best when winds are in the southeast quarter, normally from April to September/October.

Diving in this place is very good with crystal clear waters around the island. A number of leading dive shops and places of the famous course. Hundreds of visitors have learned to dive here.
For more experienced divers the most interesting site is the next area, Nusa Penida. There are some challenging dive sites here, and dive operators will visit a particular site only if it is safe sea conditions. There are many choices for the reef flat easier and wall diving as well. Marine highlights include a large manta rays year round, spectacular, large ocean sunfish (mola-mola) in season (July-October), white-tip reef sharks, nurse sharks and hammer strange. The whale shark is far from ordinary, but it looks odd migrants. Last but certainly not least, four species of sea turtles can be found here. All operators offer scheduled trips to key places around the three islands.
Prices vary slightly differ from store to store. Course fee of about U.S. $ 60 for a half day introduction to Discover Scuba, U.S. $ 395 for PADI Open Water certification. A nice dive with a cost of about U.S. $ 35-45 including all equipment, with discounts offered for multiple dives. Dive shop has a variable opening hours according to seasonal demand. Night dives are widely offered and offers a fantastic underwater experience.

How to get there
There are several way to get Nusa Ceningan Island ( via Lembongan island ) and they are:

Public Transport
Speed Boat

Lembongan Fast Cruise
Rocky Fast Cruise
Bounty Cruise

Public Boat
Ocean Rafting Cruise
Bali Fun Ship

Ocean Flyer
Bali Hai Reef Cruise

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