ogoh ogoh bali festival

This time will be covered Ogoh ogoh (monster statue ) vesital in Bali. In bali when the silent day in Progress, A day before the feast silent day, Hindus in Bali held a ogoh ogoh (monster statue) festival. This event aims to Returned the Bhuta kala to nature is and clean up rural areas and urban cities in Bali.
ogoh ogoh bali

Bali ogoh ogoh festival It aims to run smooth silent day holiday in Bali. For in this feast, Hindus have four activities that should not be carried on at this feast. Turning on the fire that is not allowed, doing any activities , such as schools and other work, Way out of the house and having fun outdoors. Because at this feast is obliged to reflect and run well this holiday.

The day before the feast all of Banjar ( Village community ) are ready to ogoh ogoh paraded around the villages in Bali .
This ogoh ogoh variety of forms, ranging from giant big and scary, man is similar to the artist or actors from the TV, Animals, cartoon, and some are making monster planet outer space and many more types of species in this Ogoh ogoh parade will be displayed, depending on the artists who will display his art to the public.

In the Region Gianyar particularly often carried competition an Ogoh ogoh festival . Because the Gianyar region famous for its Regional Art. Art experts and the experts are ready with the description and the Ogoh ogoh sketch of these.

Along with this will be paraded in Ogoh Ogoh also accompanied percussion / gambelan which will be paraded an Ogoh Ogoh encouragement in this. Usually an Ogoh ogoh parade started from late afternoon until sandya kala or about 6-8 o'clock at night and some are until at 11.00pm.Depend of the Banjar which will Bring.

In addition to the explanation above, Definition of Ogoh ogoh and function can be viewed here . That's a little Explanation about the silent day celebration in Bali.

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