karma kandara beach

bali keeps a small paradise beach... Karma Kandara beach , beach with stunning panoramic views, located on a high cliff bali, clean and soft white sand and crystal clear sea water with blue-green sea. Who is not fascinated with views like this? atmosphere of the beach is still quiet and unspoiled beaches make a strong appeal is the beach lover and comes with a beach club (nammos bech club).
karma kandara resort

Karma Kandara is located on the beach below the cliff, approximately 150 feet tall and was once the beach is not famous and do not have a name, but after awakening Karma Kandara Resort, the beach is called Karma Kandara beach. Access to this beach there are two way you can take, is to use the stairs to get down the cliff to the beach and can be accessed from the di-mare restaurant and down to the beach using inclinator. Go down to the beach by riding a small elevator which can only fit about 5 people at the same time. Along the long way down, you will likely see monkeys playing around. Long long way down, you will finally see a tropical hut which also serves as the entrance to the beach. By the time you stepped out of the hut, you will likely have noticed the sound of a small but high waterfall behind you. Next, just enjoy this paradise!

This beach is very unusual. snorkeling, swimming, surfing and sun bathing are things you can do here. how can get bored if we are faced with a quiet beach, clean, natural and very charming. so ... Karma Kandara beach very recommended for your leisure in bali island.

To go to Karma Kandara you have to get off the main road which connects Kuta and Uluwatu. The small road then brings you deep into a calm village with relatively less touristed atmosphere. Just follow the seemingly getting smaller road, then out of nowhere you will find the humble entrance to Karma Kandara and Nammos beach. Walk towards the signage which leads to the beach and you will first see this Greek-influenced bar that I mentioned before, which is called Veritas. 

what to do : 
beach hopping, surfing, snorkeling, sunbathing, massage, yoga, topless


karma kandara resort

Karma Kandara, is the third operational Karma Resort. Karma Kandara will provide no disappointment in fulfilling the promise of its name. Set atop the sweeping cliffs of Uluwatu, Karma Kandara overlooks what is arguably Bali’s most beautiful beach. Kandara is blessed with golden sand and azure waters that stretch to the distant horizon.

The 40 Villas of Karma Kandara sit atop the "bukit" land that makes up the southernmost tip of the island. The beauty of the location itself is enhanced by the distant and towering Mount Agung. Easy access to the private beach at the foot of the cliff enables every guest to experience this awesome beauty. Adjacent to Karma Kandara is a traditional Balinese temple that is spiritually connected to a highly auspicious cave temple located at the cliff base.

Karma cuisine will be served in "di Mare" restaurant perched high on the dramatic cliff top, where diners can look out over the main infinity pool onwards to the distant horizon. Contented with the perfectly crafted culinary delights, guests can retreat to enjoy the privacy of their villa haven.

beach club

Nammos Beach Club is part of karma kandara's main food and beverage outlets and entertainment venues, set out as Bali’s most exclusive beach club. The club features an alang-alang grass roof and a raised bamboo platform, where patrons enjoy the nuances of a secluded beach and lagoon.

The beach club’s exclusiveness, though public guests are also welcome, is further supported by a single access via a private funicular, which transfers guests to the venue 100 metres below the limestone rock face. Nammos Beach Club is open for beach picnics, as well as beach activities and water sports.

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