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The beauty of the beaches in Bali called Blue Point, Distance from Kuta beach is about 45 minutes, by passing through the winding roads and up and down. Location Blue Point is still a one-way to the temple of Uluwatu, Padang-padang beach, and Dreamland. This beach is situated in the village of Pecatu, namely at the southern tip of the Badung regency. 
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Actually the original name of this beach is Suluban. Near the beach there is a hotel called Bluepoint Villas, so Suluban better known as Bluepoint. The hotel is quite well known outside of Bali and was used for shooting advertising a brand drinks, starring Miss Universe. 'Suluban' adoption of the word 'mesulub' which in Balinese language means "in bali have to stoop to walk through a gap in the cliff". This may be because the road to this beach you must go down through a narrow road between the coastal cliffs.

The beach is one of this is still less prestige than Kuta, Sanur or Nusa Dua. But if you have visited this beach, you'll surely be fascinated with the exoticism of his offer. My suggestion is try a visit to the beach and you will not waste time with useless. If you want to see the beach from the top, you can see from the cafe area is higher. But if you want to enjoy the sensation of clear water, you can down the steps to the beach. To reach this beach, you have to walk down past the rather steep hill derivative, through a gap of two cliffs. Physical beaches with white sand is similar to his brother: Padang-padang beach and Dreamland beach. After reached the shore, you'll enjoy its beauty because the beach is surrounded by a wall of rock that juts into such caves, and large rocks that we can ride on it while looking at the scenery. The high rocks surrounding the beach and the notches are indented, making it increasingly attractive beach viewed from any angle.

There are many cafes and art shops that lined all the way to the beach, an attractive, this cafe is located on the edge of a cliff with a view beneath the beach, very beautiful. In Bali, the beach is known as the village Bluepoint foreign tourists, many cafes and lodging, rent surf. It was exciting to see the sunset, overlooking the beach while drinking fresh drink in the café.

Be aware, this is not like a gently sloping beach of Sanur or Kuta. When we are on this beach, we were surrounded by coral caves and waves are very strong. Quite often fans of surf beaches to choose this one as a place to surf. But to get a pretty good waves, the surfers have to swim with a surfboard to take a rather long distance from shore. Even sometimes, they have to surf accompanied by a jellyfish that roam in between waves. Which of course, a jellyfish sting will be issued when touched. For surfing enthusiasts there is also a surf board rental. This will certainly make it easier for visitors who do not have or do not bother to bring your own surf board. Not recommended for learning to surf here because there is no Baywatch team and visitors are not so much, so this place is ideal for suicide for novice surfers.

The beach was not too crowded, so we are more free to enjoy the beauty of this beach. In addition, with its beautiful scenery, the beach is also not infrequently used as a place for pre wedding photos. Besides beaches and coral hills, the atmosphere is quiet enough to make quite an exclusive shades.

what to do :
beach hopping, surfing, sunbathing, getting sunset, cafe on the cliff

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