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kuta beach

The famous beach in bali
Located on the western side of the island's narrow isthmus, Kuta Beach is Bali's most famous beach resort destination. Kuta Beach is also minutes away from the Ngurah Rai International Airport in Tuban. The nearby resorts of Tuban, Legian and Seminyak are all within close walking distance.
Once a simple, rustic and quiet fishing village, Kuta Beach has witnessed a transformation over the past years due to the rise of various accommodations, dining and shopping options. The rapid growth owes much to visitors, beachcombers and art lovers from nearby Australia. Expatriates also helped pioneer surfing in Kuta, as well.
Although a rather frenzied traffic scene has become commonplace here, Kuta Beach continues to attract thousands of visitors every year with its unique charm. During the peak season from July to August and the holiday season for Christmas and New Year, Kuta Beach is regularly fully-booked by travellers looking forward to a pleasant and affordable Bali escape.
The five-kilometre long arching sandy stretch of Kuta Beach is still possibly the best beach front of Bali. A very short drive away from the airport, meter taxis and motorcycle taxis are easily found around the area to take you anywhere in Kuta or elsewhere. The beach is safe, partially clean and well maintained, although the vendors fill up the beach side haphazardly.
However, this beach is really famous for its spectacular sunsets and waves, and attracts tourists who spend hours here swimming, surfing and sunbathing. This place is a well-known destination among surfing enthusiasts: the long sandy beach with its lack of dangerous rocks or coral makes the waves ideal for beginners.

There is not much you can see and enjoy in Kuta itself, but the white sandy beach extends beyond the airport into Jimbaran. Known as Bali’s number one sunset site, every late afternoon hundreds of people gather to watch the spectacular sunsets and enjoy a meal of fresh seafood from one of the many beachside cafes. The sunsets here are spectacular around December, so don't forget your camera.
Another place you should visit is Ground Zero, where Balinese residents and foreign tourists alike still keep coming to put fresh flowers at the Memorial. A Bali Bomb Memorial Event is also held every year, hosted jointly by the Indonesian and Australian governments.

Most of the activity in Kuta is related to the beach. The options are endless – you may try surfing, swimming, sunbathing or kite flying, or you could simply head into neighbouring Tuban for some waterslide action at Waterbom Bali.
If you just want to have fun or relax, you can try kite flying or employ a team of masseurs while you sunbathe. You will know the massage ladies immediately from their cries of ‘Hello, yes? Massage?’ and if you aren’t accosted by a team of them offering pedicures, manicures and hair-braiding alongside a massage as soon as you step onto the beach, you will easily spot them sitting along the beach, waiting for their next customer.

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Nusa Penida Island

There are some neighboring islands near to Bali. There are 3 most famous ones located around 20 km away from Bali to the south-east known as Nusa Penida Island, Nusa Ceningan Island and Nusa Lembongan Island. Among these three islands, Nusa Penida Island is the largest one, and also well known as the best destination for scuba diving.
To many people, these three Islands might not be recognized as parts of Bali’s district. Somehow, they give a great contribution to the tourism development. As we have known, Nusa Penida Island is the biggest one among the three. While Nusa Lembongan Island is the second larger island and Nusa Ceningan Island is the smallest one. Each of these Islands shares their own unique tourism destination and arts. In Nusa Penida Island, you will find beautiful pure beaches and some conservation places protecting plants, birds, and also turtle. Besides that the local people have a very special dance known as the Golden Egg.
When you are diving in Nusa Penida Island, you will likely to see the large pelagic, such as Manta Ray’s (Manta Birostris) at some locations, such as Mola Mola (Oceanic Sunfish) and Manta Point Dive Site. If you get lucky, you will sometimes see the whale-shark too.
As part of Bali’s district, Nusa Penida Island is under the Klungkung regency. If you want to go to Nusa Penida Island from Bali, you need to go to Padang bay to take a ferryboat crossing from Bali to Nusa Penida Island. The only ferryboat available is called as Roro-Nusa Jaya Abadi. This boat will take you crossing the Badung Strait (located between Bali Island and Nusa Penida Island), and the trip will take around one hour to get to the Toya Pakeh Harbor in Nusa Penida Island. After you have reached the island, you can continue the trip by having a modified pick-up car or known as “omprengan”.
The northern dive sites of Nusa Penida like Crystal Bay, Pura Ped and Toyapakeh are good destinations for Drift Diving. A boat ride with BIDP's speed boat of 45 minutes brings you to the best underwater adventures here in Bali Indonesia.
The divesites around Penida can be challenging. Upwellings from the deep can cause thermoclines and let the temperature drop to 20 degrees celsius. Currents running between the Nusa Islands and Lombok Strait are most of the time southward, but can be influenced in direction and strength by the monsoon seasons.
The three islands, Nusa Penida Island, Lembongan Island and Ceningan Island are situated at the Wallace Line which lies at the middle of Bali Island and Lombok Island. This Wallace Line is a separation line between the eco-zones of Asia and Australasia. To the west of the Wallace Line, Asiatic species and organism live, while to the east of the Wallace Line, Australian species and organism exist for living. According to the scientist, these boundaries have been existing for 50 million years. They are predicted to be the south-western edge of Sunda Earth Crust Shelf which are believed to link some main islands in Indonesia, such as Java, Sumatera, Borneo, Bali to the Southeast Asia’s mainland.
Nusa Penida Backgrounds
Nusa Penida Island as the part of Bali district under the Klungkung Regency has its own history. The Nusa Penida Island was a place where the Gelgel dynasty from Bali was held in prison at early 18th century under the Majapahit ruler. The Gelgel Dynasty was one of the Balinese Kingdoms which conquered the Lombok Island once.
Badung Strait, during WWII the Badung Strait was the location of "The Of Badung Strait". This event took place on 19 and 20 februar 1942. Allied forces had a confrontation here with the Imperial Japanese Navy.

manta pointThere are so many things to do in Nusa Penida. As the famous diving destination, there are some great diving locations in Nusa Penida Island, such as Penida Bay, Batu Meling, Batu Lumbung, Toyapakeh, Manta Point, Batu Abah and Malibu Point. The flow passing through the Lombok Strait is commonly heading to the south, while the tidal streams’ directions are commonly influenced by the seasons of monsoon.
During the southeast monsoons, the tidal flow tends south; during the northeast monsoons, the tidal flow tends north. In the area of the strait north of Nusa Penida, the pattern is relatively simple, with a flow, at peaktide, of about three-and-one-half knots. Tidal streams in Badung Strait are semi-diurnal, but the character of the stream is very complicated because its direction runs obliquely to the general south to north direction of Lombok Strait, and the channel has a curved shape.
Besides beautiful destinations, there are many other interesting tourism destinations to visit in Nusa Penida Island. You will find that there are many pure beaches as well, or you can go to the top of Puncak temu where you will be amazed with a spectacular scene from the height. Besides that, there are also some arts performances that you can watch.
A beach which is closest to the harbor is situated in Toya Pakeh village. In this beach, there is a floating restaurant. The most important thing is you are allowed to dive in this beach and see very beautiful reef. Indeed, in this beach, reef is an important component that is still preserved from any damage.
Besides Toya Pakeh Beach, Nusa Penida has a very cozy beach. It is around 4 km from Toya Pakeh. This beach is situated in Sakti Village at Banjar Penida. I guarantee you that this beach is different from the famous Kuta or Sanur. The beach which people call it Crystal Bay, is very quiet, far from crowd. The water is sparkling blue. The sand is black but it is covered by white sand. The beach is very clean because people at Banjar Penida keep it clean. And the beach is gated by escarpment.
Going up quite far away from the beaches, you will head to Puncak temu, the top of elevated ground. This is a place where you will be able to enjoy beautiful scenery of Nusa Penida Island from the bird-eye view. You will also see some white shrines at this top with so many trees that seem protecting these shrines from the outside world. This is something that you will find interesting because most parts in Nusa Penida Island are commonly lacing of water and dry, while here in Puncak Temu, there are green fresh vegetables as the sign of the water existence.
On very south of Nusa Penida there are villages named Sekartaji and Suana. In these villages, Nusa Penida Endemic Bird: little sulfur-crested cockatoo can be found. In all regions in Nusa Penida there is only four little sulfur-crested cockatoo left. One female and others are male. You are lucky if you can take a photograph of this bird since this bird is very energetic.
Nusa Penida does not only offer the amazing tourism destination but also unique dances. Sanghyang Dewa dance is one of them. This dance must be danced by little girl who has not got menstruation yet. People of Nusa Penida categorize it into sacred dance because it is danced on special day at the temple. That little girl is unconscious while she dances it.

There are actually two sites in Toyapakeh nemaley as the Toyapakeh Wall and Toyapakeh. These twosites are rich with the underworld creatures, such as fish and corals. The wide variety of fish that you will see by diving in this location is amazing. You will sometimes see the large pelagic as well by creeping around the blue. Toyapakeh Wall is a must diving place that you shall not miss. This is the place where you will encounter the presence of the Mola-mola hanging out in season.

Malibu Point
When you are taking a boat trip along the coast line of Nusa Penida Island, you will come to Manta Point where some huge animals are commonly seen. Manta Point is an open water area, so that diving is not possible to have in certain circumstances.
Malibu Point is a diving site with gray reefs, reef white tips, silver-tips and numerous sharks. While Penida Bay is another anchorage, and the rocky islands have an interesting forms; something like an old resting elephant. The bay is vulnerable to swell, creating-up-and-down-currents. Then, Manta Point is a limestone rock off Pandan cafe. The swell is relatively strong.

Crystal Bay
If you are looking for a calmer bay, Crystal Bay will be a perfect spot for you. In Crystal Bay, you will also find many Antheases and batfish that will come in a certain periodic of time, because there is a bat cave near to this bay.
This site consists of a fantastic little bay in shallow water that offers excellent opportunities for photos, before sliding down into deep drop offs. Superb coral is only matched by the equally superb marine life. This is another excellent place to locate the Mola Mola which gather to be cleaned on the slopes of the reef.

Nusa Penida Bird Sanctuary

Besides West Bali National Park, there is also a conservation park in Nusa Penida Island known as Nusa Penida Bird Sanctuary. In this reservation, a hundred of nearly-extinct birds are protected, The Nusa Penida Bird Sanctuary is organized by Begawan Giri Foundation and also friend of National Park Foundation supported by the whole community of Nusa Penida Island.
In this island the birds is protected by the whole community of Nusa Penida, by addition of a decree on bird conservation in the awig-awig (traditional law) of Nusa Penida. The community enforces sanctions such as fines and sepekin banjar (ostracized) for anyone caught harming the birds. All 35 villages on Nusa Penida island have now signed bird protection laws and villages and Harbour Authorities are working together to fight the illicit trade. The role of community is not just end up there, at the sanctuary young people from the surrounding village are trained as staff in the clinic; bird handling and research procedures.
Up to May 2007 Nusa penida Bird Sanctuary has already released 49 Bali Starlings, and recently it is reported another ten offspring fly free. The success on the Bali Starling opens another conservation project. White Cockatoo, an indigenous species of Nusa Penida, now in danger, it is reported that only three white cockatoos roaming freely on the sky, clearly in worse situation than Bali Starling. Nusa Penida Bird Sanctuary now put her best effort to save this rare bird

How to get there
There are several way to get Nusa Penida Island and they are:

Public Transport
Speed Boat

Roro Nusa jaya abadi
Maruti express boat

Fery inerie jakarta
Caspla express boat


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Consulate Offices in Bali

    Mr Bruce Cowled - Consul General
    Mr Brian Diamond - Consul
    Ms Adelaide Worcester . Vice Consul (Mixed Duties)
    Mr Paul(Reg) Hunniford . AFP Liaison
    Address: Jl. Hayam Wuruk 88 B, Tanjung Bungkak, Denpasar - Bali .
    E-mail: bali.congen@dfat.gov.au
    Website: http://www.dfat.gov.au/bali
    Phone : 241118, Fax: 221195
    Consular hours: Monday to Friday 0800 . 1200 & 1230 - 1600
    Visa hours: Monday to Friday 0830 . 1200
    Emergency: Call to Consulate Number (361) 241118 and follow the menu
    to connect direct to the 24 hr Consular Operations Centre in Canberra .
    Or make a call to Canberra number 02-6261 33
    Mr. Aureo Renato Vianna Filho . Honorary Consul
    Address: C/- By The Sea Store Jl. Raya Legian No. 186, Kuta 80361
    Phone: 757 775 , Fax: 751 005
    E-mail: brazilconsul@bali.net
    Office hours: Monday to Friday 1000 . 1800
    Emergency: 0818 344 928.
    Mr Mark Wilson - Honorary Consul
    Address: Jl. Tirta Nadi 20, Sanur, Denpasar 80238
    E-mail: bcbali@dps.centrin.net.id
    Phone: 270 601 , Fax: 287 804
    Office hours: Monday to Friday 0830 . 1230
    Emergency: 0811 802 435 . Jakarta Duty Officer or 08123 838 844
    Bali Honorary Consul , 08123838844. 
    Mr Bernard Haymoz . Honorary Consul
    Address: Jl. Pengembak Gg 1 No. 3, Sanur, Denpasar 80827
    E-mail: chilehonconsulate@bali-villa.com
    Phone: 281503 / 756781 , Fax: 285216 / 756783
    Office hours: Monday to Friday 0900 . 1700
    Emergency: 0811394045.
    Mr Graham James . Honorary Consul
    Address: Jl. Pengembak 17, Sanur
    E-mail: bali@honorary.mzv.cz
    Phone: 286 465, Fax: 286 408
    Office hours: Monday to Friday 0830 - 1630
    Emergency: 08123 970 129.
    Mr Raphael Devianne . Honorary Consul
    Address: Jl. Mertasari Gg. II No. 08, Sanur
    E-mail: consul@dps.centrin.net.id
    Phone: 285 485, Fax: 286 406
    Office hours: Monday to Friday 0900 . 1200
    Emergency: 08123 800 124.
    Mr Reinhold Jantzen . Honorary Consul
    Address: Jl. Pantai Karang No. 17, Sanur
    E-mail: germanconsul@bali-ntb.com
    Phone: 288 535, Fax: 288 826
    Public Hours: Monday to Friday 0800 . 1200
    Office hours: Monday to Friday 0800 . 1200 & 1300 . 1600
    Emergency: 08123 913 938.
    Ms Gabriella Cristofoli - Honorary Consul
    Address: C/- Marintur Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai No. 219, Sanur
    E-mail: huconbali@telkom.net
    Phone: 287701, Fax: 735232
    Office Hours: Monday to Friday 1000 . 1200
    Emergency: 0811 389 680 or 0816 790 046. 
    Mr Giuseppe Confessa (Pino) - Honorary Consul
    Address: C/- Lotus Enterprise Building
    Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai, Jimbaran
    E-mail: italconsbali@italconsbali.org
    Website: http://www.italconsbali.org
    Phone: 701 005, Fax: 701 005
    Public Hours: Monday to Friday 1000 . 1300
    Office hours: Monday to Friday 1000 . 1600
    Emergency: 08123 904 471.
    Mr Noboru Nomura . Consul (0811 398 225)
    Mr Masahiro Sato . Consul (08123 801 941)
    Mr Yoshihiko Endo . Vice Consul (08123 801 923)
    Ms Akiko Ito . Admin (08123 801 942)
    Address: Jl. Raya Puputan 170, Renon, Denpasar 80235 PO. BOX. 3432 Denpasar Bali
    Phone: 227 628, Fax: 265 066
    E-mail: konjpdps@indo.net.id
    Office hours: Monday to Friday 0830 . 1230 & 1330 - 1600
    Emergency: 08123 801 941.
    Mr Feisol Hasyim . Honorary Consul
    Address: Alam Kulkul Boutique Resort
    Jl Pantai Kuta, Legian Bali 80030
    Fax: 752 519, Phone: 752 520
    Email: feisol@attglobal.net.
    Mr I Gusti Bagus Yudhara, MBA - Honorary Consul
    Address: Astina Tours & Travel Building
    Jl. Prof. Moh. Yamin No. 1A, Renon, Denpasar
    E-mail: yudhara@astinatravel.com
    Phone: 223 266, Fax: 244 568
    Office hours: Monday to Friday 0900. 1500
    Emergency: 288 218 or 0811 399 929.
    Mr Al Purwa, MBA - Honorary Consul
    Address: Jl. Raya Kuta 127, Kuta 80361
    P O Box 3337 Denpasar 80001
    E-mail: dutchconsulate@kcb-tours.com
    Phone: 761502 / 751517, Fax: 761502 / 752777
    Website: www.netherlandsembassy.or.id
    Office hours: Monday to Friday 0830 . 1230 & 1330 . 1600
    Visa Hours: 0830 . 1230 only
    Emergency: +62 818 789 444.
    Mrs Loeana Kanginnadhi - Honorary Consul of Denmark (Royal Danish)
    Address: Mimpi Resort, Kawasan Bukit Permai, Jimbaran
    E-mail: mimpi@mimpi.com
    Website: http://www.mimpi.com
    Phone: 701 070 Ext. 32, Fax: 701 073/4
    Office Hours: Monday to Friday 0900 . 1400
    Emergency: 08123 802 104 or 08123 930 809 
    Ms Mira Chandra . Honorary Consul of Norway
    Address: Mimpi Resort, Kawasan Bukit Permai, Jimbaran
    E-mail: mimpi@mimpi.com
    Website: http://www.mimpi.com
    Phone: 701070 Ext. 32 , Fax: 701073/4
    Office Hours: Monday to Friday 0900 . 1400
    Emergency: 08123 802 104 or 08123 930 809 
    Mr Amir Rabik - Honorary Consul
    Address: Kompleks Istana Kuta Galeria, Blok Vallet 2, No. 11 Jl. Patih Jelantik, Kuta
    E-mail: rabik@indo.net.id
    Phone: 769 286/7 , Fax: 769186
    Office hours: Monday to Friday 0900 . 1200 & 1300 . 1600
    Emergency: 975 736 or 08123 840 801 
    Mr Ida Bagus Ngurah Wijaya - Honorary Consul
    Address: Jl. Segara Ayu, Sanur
    PO Box 3091 Denpasar 80030 Bali
    Phone: 282 223, Fax: 282 211
    E-mail: sweconsul@yahoo.com
    Office hours: Tuesday & Thursday 0900 - 1200
    Emergency: 08179 723 658 
    Mr Jon Z├╝rcher . Consul
    Address: Kompleks Istana Kuta Galeria (former Central Parking)
    Blok Valet 2 No. 12, Jl. Patih Jelantik, Kuta 761 511
    E-mail: jonswiss@telkom.net / swisscon@telkom.net
    Phone: 751 735, Fax: 754 457
    Office hours: Monday to Friday 0900 . 1300
    Emergency: 754 719 or 730 149 or 08123 948 861 or 0818 566 392
    Mr. Peraphon Prayooravong . Honorary Consul
    Mr. Poramate Khemwongthong . Consular Officer
    Address: Jl. Puputan Raya No. 81, Renon Denpasar 80235
    Email: RTC_bali@thaimail.com
    Phone: 263 310, Fax: 238 044
    Office hours: Monday to Friday 0900 . 1200 & 1300 . 1600
    Visa hours: Monday to Friday 0900 . 1200 & 1330 . 1600
    Emergency: 081 6472 4466
    Mr. Joshua N. Finch . Consular Agent
    Address: Jl. Hayam Wuruk No. 188, Denpasar 80235
    E-mail: amcobali@indosat.net.id
    Phone: 233 605
    Office hours: Monday to Friday 0800 . 1200 & 1300 . 1630 Fax: 222 426
    Emergency: 08123 802 540.
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Nusa Lembongan Island

enjoy your life... 

nusa lembongan island
Nusa Lembongan Island is located at the Badung strait which is between Bali and Lombok. Unlike the neighboring islands which attract the tourist by their traditional seaweed harvesting, Nusa Lembongan Island offers a more relaxing place. The only fast thing that you may see there is the waves along its beautiful beaches.
Nusa Lembongan Island is a small island 12 miles away to the south east from Bali, which can be reached by one-hour boat ridding from Benoa Harbour. If you seek for a hidden quite place with beautiful beach surrounding you then Nusa Lembongan Island is exactly what you are looking for. The island is forming a pear shaped along 4 km in length and 2 km in width. The Nusa Lembongan Island beauty is completed with the presence of the fringing reef which has been declared as a National Marine Park by the Indonesian Government. The reef gives advantages in supporting the Nusa Lembongan Island and the neighboring islands’ Eco-system. Besides the reef, the waters are also known for having a variety underworld creature and also a great place for surfing. The main income’s sources of the local people are farming sweet potato and peanuts, building traditional wooden boat and fishing.
The life pace is Nusa Lembongan Island is very slow, but it is intended and maintained as it is as a unique characteristic of the island. If we are in Nusa Lembongan Island, it will remind us of how Bali it was more than 30 years ago. This quiet and relaxing atmosphere is the charming of this island. The tourism infrastructures might still be the standard ones, however you are able to find some nice lodgings to stay over nights.

What to do in Nusa Lembongan

Diving and Snorkeling in Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan is very popular for divers. Nusa Lembongan is the perfect location for a dive trip like no other. iving in Nusa Lembongan offers amazing underwater world with some excellent dive sites. The warm waters are abundant with extensive coral reefs and magnificent marine life with sharks, turtles and manta rays. Spectacular dives include drop off walls, wreck diving and drift diving.

Biking and Walking around Lembongan
If you are a type of person who loves for biking or hiking, you will find the pleasure in Nusa Lembongan Island. You may have a rented bike to exploring the island. There are some steep spots where you will be challenged to conquer them. Some people might find the rented bikes not too comfortable to ride, but you can always have another adventure on your own feet exploring the beautiful nature of the island. You may go walking around the island, and it will only take you around 2 hours. However, it will be more pleasant if you take sometimes to enjoy some interesting places in Nusa Lembongan Island during the day.

Desa Lembongan, with its huge banyan tree and its colorful temples
Gala Gala Underground House was built by Made Byasa in 1961-1976. This underground house is located down a narrow path from the main road towards the Ceningan bridge. The road is the narrow one, but a motorbike can still pass through. At the entrance, you will find a line of souvenir stalls where you can buy local souvenirs such as sarongs, shorts and other handicrafts. The house was built underground using only a hammer, chisel and intuition as guidance. It took 15 years to complete this incredible labyrinth, which includes a bedroom, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and sacred meditation room.

Seaweed farms
Heading westwards from the Lembongan Village and then following the roads along the coast, you will find a range of green and blue seaweed farming. The seaweed farming is separated by some ropes and little posts where the algae are tied up on it to grow. Since the mid-1980s, nearly all the community lives off seaweeds, which are exported to the rest of Asia for the cosmetic and food industry. Every household can make one to two million rupiah a month from the red and green algae – just enough to survive on these islands, where everything has to be brought from the main land at high cost.
Rent motorbike for the day to try and find our perfect beaches. Went around the entire island, saw about different beaches, Nusa Ceningan island is good view to see, Dream beach is nice for relax with a great bar / cafe, Mushroom beach is also nice and snorkeling is ok too.

Swinging Bridge
The recently built suspension bridge between Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan connects the two islands and allows the visitors to easily access each island. This narrow and swinging bridge only allows access on foot, by bicycle or motorcycle and it is unsuitable for cars.

Dream beach
At the Nusa Lembongan Island’s entrance turning to right to the southwards, you will find the Dream Beach. It is a beautiful hidden white-sandy beach with its fierce waves. The Dream Beach may not the ideal one for swimming, but it is still a nice place just to have a refreshing swim. However, you always need to pay extra attention to the waves, especially when it is coming to high tide time. You are only aloud in the middle of the beach where you can see like a white line of sand in the water. Never go close to the cliffs of the left side! At high tide, the current may be a bit too strong for small children.

There is a restaurant here, and it is the source of entrance to the beach. You can watch the sunset from the upper floor of the restaurant.

Mushroom Beach
Mushroom Beach is known as one of the beautiful beaches in Nusa Lembongan Island. It is named after the mushroom corals offshore. This amazing Mushroom beach will spoil you with its white sandy panorama. There are 2 Mushroom Beaches to say, and even though they are one next to the other, there is a difference. There is the more isolated one, with its casual visitors, and the more populated one with some upscale hotels.
There is some coral, which is sharper than the coral that you find in Bali. So make sure you bring the rubber shoes if you plan to do some walking at low tide. But swimming is possible at this beach.

Mushroom Bay - Surfing
Mushroom Bay is a perfect place for having a great surfing experience. It is suitable not only for the professional surfers, but it is also perfect for the beginners. Besides surfing, this Mushroom Bay is also a safe place for any other water sport. The bay has a white sandy beach not too far to the wave. There are some other interesting places nearby to the Bay, such as Ship Wreck, Batumelawang ( Secret Point ), and Play Ground ( Song Lumbung Bay).
There is transportation from Bali, directly to this beach, but you need to be sure by asking that it will drop you off here.

Mangrove Park
If you are looking for something different in the adventure, you must try a mangroves park tour. This tour is operated by having a sampan-style boat touring around the mangrove park. This sampan style boat is known as ‘jukung’, and on this small boat you will experience an extreme quietness atmosphere. You will have an unforgettable impression to see colorful and unique mud crabs and if you are inclined, catch some for delicious meal. Along the tracing of the park you are welcome with various sound of birds and do not forget to take photo of many wild life in this area.

Wood Carvings
If you are heading to the north at Nusa Lembongan Island at along the coast of mangrove, you will then find a little house signed as Bali Wood Carving. This house belongs to an old friendly artist who will excitedly show you around his unique wooden arts collections. The collections are mostly carved out from the mangrove roots. From his house, it’s another 30 minutes of pedaling back to Jungutbatu through dense coastal vegetation.

Pura Puncak Sari
Pura Puncak Sari is a temple located on the top hill in Nusa Lembongan Island. When you are hiking to the top, you will be able to enjoy an amazing view of the Indian Ocean, Nusa Penida Island and Nusa Ceningan Island.

How to get there
There are several way to get Nusa Lembongan Island ( depart from sanur / tanjung benoa ) and they are:

Public Transport
Speed Boat

Lembongan Fast Cruise
Rocky Fast Cruise
Bounty Cruise

Public Boat
Ocean Rafting Cruise
Bali Fun Ship

Ocean Flyer
Bali Hai Reef Cruise

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bias tugel beach bali

the hidden beach at east of bali...

pantai bias tugel bali
People may rarely heard Tugel Bias beach. The location is quite far from the hustle of the paradise island of Bali Kuta beach. To get to the beach Bias Tugel located about 57 km from Bali's Ngurah Rai airport, with one and a half hour drive if using a motor vehicle. To get this beach, you should go to padang bai port and Tugel Bias beach among travelers better known as Padang Bai beach.

Who love the white sand beach that has a hidden location, a rare visitor. Bias Tugel beach in Bali can meet your criteria.

The word bias means sand, while the truncated mean Tugel. So Tugel Bias beach means sand beaches truncated. This is because the area of ​​the beach is not so wide on the right and left flanked by a sizable rock. The beach is relatively small beach with white sand and can be categorized as one of our beautiful beaches in Bali.

Access to the beach is approximately 500 meters from the port of Padang Bai. You have to walk through a fairly steep and rocky. Fair sweat along the way. But not disappoint, the beautiful hidden welcomes you. Stretch of white sandy beaches with crystal clear blue sea water in sight.
High cliff on the right and left of the beach makes this place isolated from the adjacent beach. It is suitable for family holidays for those who bring children. Parents will easily keep an eye on their children when playing sand, because visitors around the relatively deserted beaches. Most who come are those who like surfing and snorkeling. Waves on the beach the waves are high and long. Natural life under the water was still very natural, with the dazzling coral reefs. Various kinds of ornamental fish come say hello snorkeling lovers.

Water blow or sea water spurting upwards from the impact with the waves rock you can see about 50 feet to the right of the beach. Tourists never miss a chance to take photos that look like spurting water fountain. For those of you who have a passion to make a beach in Bali, of course, you'll need to be a list of interesting Bali beach beaches to visit, you just click the link, you will be directed to a list of nice beaches in Bali are worth to visit during the holidays.

gallery picture :
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